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Chitwan National Park

The Park is listed as a World Heritage Site and is the most popular safari destination in Nepal. It covers a unique ecosystem, containing hills, ox-bow lakes and flood plains. Dominated by sal forests, the park has 50 species of grasses. The 43 species of animals include the endangered one-horned Asian rhino, Royal Bengal tiger, gharial, fresh water crocodile, gaur, wild elephant, four-horned antelope, striped hyena, pangolin and Gangetic dolphin among warm-blooded animals. It is also home to a large variety of reptiles such as pythons, monitor lizards, cobras, kraits, Russel’s vipers, saw-scaled vipers and rat snakes.


Day 01: Arrive in time for lunch. Elephant Safari in the late afternoon, evening tea and dinner
Day 02: Wake up call. Tea/coffee. Pre-breakfast bird watching. Post breakfast Crocodile Walk. Lunch. Post luncheon Jungle Walk, Boat Ride. Dinner
Day 03: Wake up call. Tea/coffee, bird watching. Breakfast, depart or boat excursion to Amaltari Ghat and Churia Hills nature trek
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